Monday, March 14, 2011

update and switch

Greetings and Salutations to whomever may read this, 

I have decided to switch back from Wordpress to Blogger after a couple of years of messing around and not really blogging at all. I just have been using Twitter (@KalofXeno) to "microblog."

I chose to switch because Blogger is more simple and I want this blog to be about the content written/displayed and not about what theme I am using. 

Quick Update:
I am an android powered MacBook Pro carrying planetary geologist doing a masters in space sciences at University College London. A Cambridge <=> London train commuter on the fast track through a one year masters program. 
Currently looking to do a PhD at Open University or Imperial College. I choose not to apply to UCL because geology would be somewhat of a second thought and I do not want that. 
Looking forward to seeing my girlfriend when I visit Orleans, France later this month. 

Topics likely to be posted here:

  • climate change
  • science in general
  • space news
  • humanist views
  • my American views
  • other views and news about this lovely pale blue dot
  • and really random thoughts

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