Monday, February 4, 2008

Reaching for Interstellar-Hope

Gattaca, a futuristic fable where most people are genetically engineered to be perfect. This movie is well performed and completed. I watched this movie in wonder and as the credits scrolled upward I thought about the future and the many tangents one could discuss relating to this brilliant film. The director, cast, and plot made this movie a sci-fi cinematic masterpiece. This collaboration was sculpted by Andrew Niccol.

As one of the first of Andrew Niccol’s sophisticated movies, Gattaca strengthened his writing and directing abilities. Many of his movies have been futuristic and intelligent. Niccol wrote and directed Simone (2002) and Gattaca (1997). Simone premiered nation-wide in 2002. Andrew Niccol also wrote The Truman Show (1998). The scenes of escape and exposition are artistic throughout the movie.

The formation of the cast portrayed a believable story set in the not too distant future. Ethan Hawke played character Vincent Freeman with a sterile style of a navigator. Ethan Hawke has played diverse roles throughout his career, from the “good cop” in Training Day to the villain in Taking Lives. Actress Uma Thurman plays Irene, another employee of Gattaca. Uma has starred in movies such as Kill Bill, Paycheck, and Batman & Robin. Loren Dean plays Vincent’s superior younger brother, Anton. Loren Dean has similar sized roles in Apollo 13, Enemy of the State, and Space Cowboys. Jude Law takes part in the role of Jerome Morrow. The character Jerome is a crippled ex-swimmer who was born with a perfect combination of genes. Jude law is spreading into numerous roles in films such as Alfie and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Vincent Freeman was conceived by the way of odds and probability. He is a “God-child,” a child not genetically engineered but formed with an inferior combination of genes. His younger brother is a product of a combination genes selected by his parents. Vincent grows up with the dream of becoming a space navigator. To get accepted, he assumes the identity of a crippled ex-swimmer with perfect genes. His ploy is going smoothly until a murder occurs in the Gattaca office. The police and detectives find some DNA of an “in-valid” and start to suspect an inside job. Vincent is supposed to leave for Titan, a moon of Saturn, in a week and must remain a step ahead of the authorities to not get caught before reaching his dream of navigating a ship through space.

This movie stimulates the brain and stirs the heart. The success of this movie can be credited to the dazzling cast, ingenious plot, and superb director. This movie shows with will and determination one can fight the odds with ordinary genes, reach for the stars, and achieve self-actualization. The future is not set in stone and destiny can be changed by the variable known as choice. To what I know, this film is inspiring.

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