Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New stuff

I have not posted in a while. Wow!

A few months ago I was behind a mediocre car that had a purple bumper sticker that said, "Jesus is the Answer." This person was about to turn right to get onto the 101 and head South. When I was sitting patiencently, I noticed that she was smoking and as she was turning she littered her cigarette butt. I honked at her and thought about how her lord and savior Jesus H. Christ would be unhappy.

**Side note (Jesus' middle name = Horace?)

I still have been going to research meetings with Jeff Hester for researching star formation. I am still not being paid. I had my parents fill out the FAFSA to get paid for a work study job. I am also waiting for another key to the workroom since the first key that they gave me did not work.

I will try to post more frequently.

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Kayla said...

Definitely Horace... you haven't posted in a while (wow) since this last post. I check it regularly! Blog more!